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Tourist Tip 1 Update


  1. Foreign nationals from countries where visas are required to visit South Africa will no longer have to carry supporting documents for minor children (under the age of 16) as these would have been required when applying for the South African visas.
  1. Foreign nationals from countries where visas are not required to visit South Africa may be asked to produce supporting documentation.
  1. Foreign nationals of countries that endorse the parent`s particulars in minor children`s passports will be sufficient proof of the identity of the parent of the minor.

The same applies for South African children travelling abroad.

The following supporting documents would be required if asked for.

  • An unabridged birth certificates or equivalent document for each of the children.
  • The children’s valid passports.

When one parent is traveling with the minor children the following extra document is required.

  • The Parental Consent Affidavit from the non-travelling parent whose details are recorded on the Birth Certificate

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