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Understanding time speak in South Africa

This may be confusing for our first time visitors.

When someone says to you “ Now Now” it means there is no specific time indicated. It means, I will do it now, but just not right now. I intend to do it. For example. “I will pick you up now now

An interesting one is “Just Now”. The British interpretation means the “immediate past” – something just happened. For example, “I told you just now to pack your stuff away”.

South African Speak it means the “immediate future”. For example. “I will pack up my stuff just now”. I will do it at some point in the near future.

Then there is “Later”. This one is easy. It means it will happen later. Not “Now Now” or “Just Now” but at possibly some point or maybe never.

Remember, many countries make great watches. We have the best time!

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