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5 Reasons why it is a great time to visit sunny South Africa now!


Number 1. Value for money.

The favorable rate of exchange makes it possible to experience only dreamed of luxury accommodation and services and still have enough spending money to splash out on exotic items.  You can dine out on the best cuisine, go shopping in amazing shopping malls or go on an African safari adventure.

Number 2. Experience the many facets of South Africa.

From the beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, our multi-cultural heritage and definitely our friendly nature. You will return for more.

Number 3. The Southern African lifestyle. 

From our relaxed, positive, multi-language people, to the exciting, heart-thumping sporting events supported enthusiastically by South Africans. You can join in on the excitement.  Whatever you decide to experience, you will not be disappointed.

Number 4. The African Dream.

Do the things you normally only dream of. You can enjoy your holiday participating in outdoor activities, go zip lining over treetops, take an elephant ride, or go and enjoy a round of golf on our world-renowned golf courses or a day in an exotic spa.  Take a hike on one of our many trails whether it is in the mountains, around the coast or on the savannah plains. Follow your dreams.

Number 5. Travel jewels.

For the holidaymaker that wants to experience local traditions and events, we offer it all. From guided tours, cultural and heritage site visits or wanting to try traditional “pap and vleis”. We will cater for your holiday needs.

Firelight Tours offers a wide range of tours and day activities that will guarantee to give you wonderful memories to take home with you.

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