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How much money to bring with you on your trip

Firelight Tours - what money to bring to South Africa

You do not want to arrive in South Africa with a suitcase filled with money!

You may have to spend quality time at customs, trying to explain this one.

This is normally not a good idea and you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law!

South Africa has money laundering control laws in the form of FICA which brings the country in line with the worldwide control to fight the proceeds of crime.

You can bring 25,000 ZAR or a combination of other currencies to the limit of US$10,000 or equivalent, with you in cash.

Any amount greater than that in cash, you should declare on entry into South Africa.

Always check with your local bank or travel agency when booking your trip to sunny South Africa on the laws regulating this and your countries treasury regulations to comply with regarding spending outside your country of residence.

It is much safer and easier to bring a nominal amount of cash to cover initial expenditure when arriving and use your Master Card or Visa Card to purchase goods or pay for services.

These cards are accepted at nearly all shops and suppliers.

You can also make withdrawals at the ATM`s should you require cash.

Your bank will levy an exchange cost on all transactions if applicable.

Firelight Tours welcomes you to sunny South Africa. We wish you a fantastic holiday filled with memorable adventures and wonderful memories. We cannot wait to welcome you back!

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