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Our water tastes good

Firelight Tours Waterwise

Try some cold water with lemon or lime as a refreshing drink after a hot day in the African sun.

South Africa is famous for its sunshine. We average a wonderful 2,500 hours of sunshine every year.

This is great but has its drawbacks.

Sunny South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country.

We are ranked as the 39th driest country in the world.

When visiting our beautiful country, we ask that you join us in our “Water Wise” campaign and help us to use water wisely.

Some of the small ways you can contribute in helping us save our valuable water resource while visiting us.

  1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  2. Turn off the tap while shaving.
  3. When visiting a hotel or guest facility, use your bath towels more than once if possible.
  4. Take shorter showers instead of soaking in the bathtub.
  5. Report leaking taps to maintenance.

Firelight Tours care about our environment and in protecting our valuable resources.

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