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Packing for your visit to sunny South Africa

Preparing for your trip to sunny South Africa

You must be very excited by now to visit to sunny South Africa in the next few weeks.

You will be faced with a number of stresses and challenges which can be minimised by a few simple packing tips.

  • What to pack.
    • Pack everything you want to take with you on a table or available space a few days before you depart.
    • Relook at the stuff you selected and leave the crucial bits on the table. This will include your travel documents, booking forms, tickets, passports, medical clearance form if required, medication, toiletries and so on, and then divide the remaining stuff.
    • Upload the Google maps for the areas you will be visiting in South Africa. You can use your phone offline and it will work as a GPS.
What to pack for your trip to SA
  • Remember:
    • Pack your travel documents and passport first. Ensure the passport has sufficient pages in before leaving. Having inadequate number of blank pages in your passport may disqualify you from entering South Africa.
    • Coming to South Africa in the summer will be very hot for our European visitors.
    • Pack easy wear cotton based clothes. Try to pack light fitting clothes.
    • Pack shorts, t-shirts, casual short sleeve shirts, skirts and sandals.
    • Pack at least one dress shirt and trousers and shoes for special occasions. The ladies can pack a dress suitable for evening casual wear and one pair of sensible shoes to go with the dress.
    • Pack you medication plus doctors note if you are going to carry any medication with you in your hand luggage. Please check with your airline on the regulations.
    • Remember the constraint rules regarding limited quantities regarding toiletries and perfume you want to take with you in your hand luggage.
    • Pack your swimming costumes even if you do not intend to swim but want a great tan to show off later.
    • You can purchase an inexpensive umbrella here or bring a light easy fit rain cover with you for inclement weather.
  • What to leave behind.
    • You will possibly try to take too many shoes with you. We do have wonderful shoes available here if you need an extra pair.
    • Too many clothes. You can have your clothes washed and dried if required.
    • You do not need too many soaps and shampoos. Most brands are readily available.
    • You do not have to pack towels. These are supplied at all accommodation units. You can pack a light bathing towel if you have space. Else buy one here.

Firelight tours is eager to help you experience our wonderful country, South Africa.

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