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South Africa, The World in One

Firelight Tours South African nature reserves

From our biodiversity, to our magnificent nature reserves, vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, mountains, semi deserts, vast savannahs, over 2,500 kilometre of coastline, amazing beaches, diverse cultures, multi official languages, most beautiful flag in the world and more.

To make it easier for prospective tourist to visit our beautiful country, South Africa launched in November 2019 an e-Visa application process in a test phase with Kenya.

Early 2020 more countries will be added to a rolled phase-in of the e-Visa process.

  • This will eliminate the need to go to a South Africa embassy or consulate to obtain a visa.
  • The e-Visa will save time and money and make it easier to visit South Africa.
Firelight Tours South African cities and scenery

There are a number of types of visas for different purposes. We will discuss some of these in the next posts.

There are 52 nationalities that do not require a visa to enter South Africa for up to 90 days. For longer visits you will have to apply for the correct visa.

To check on your visa requirement, contact a South African Embassy or Consulate or request the information from your travel agent or check online.

Passport tip of the week.

  • To visit South Africa, make sure you have the correct visa, if required.
  • Your passport must be valid for at least a month after departure.
  • Your passport must have at least two blank pages.

As an example of non-compliance, Russell Brand was barred from boarding a flight to South Africa as his passport did not meet the requirements. His passport did not have enough blank pages!

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