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Where is beautiful South Africa?
At the Southern tip of Africa, 16deg30 to 31deg East and 34deg to 55deg South.

How big is SA?
Three times the size of Texas or 5 times the size of Great Britain
1,221,040 km2

What can you do here?
6% of world mammals
7% of world birds
8% of world plant species
Mountains, beaches, safaris, adventure

Mostly sunny
Summer rainfall except for Western Cape which has a winter rainfall
Hardly any snow

What to bring: (must haves)
Basic medical kit
Travel with all your prescriptive medicines together with the Doctors’ prescription – this is important for domestic travel
Whilst travel insurance in South Africa is covered in terms of accidents – medical insurance
Travel insurance is necessary to cover any failure in terms of delayed or changed departure travel times and mishaps with hotel reservations
Good quality sunglasses
Sun hat and sun protection (15SPF minimum)
Good walking shoes
Swimming costume
Warm jersey and jacket
Light rain gear
Camera equipment with spare batteries and waterproof bag
Insect repellent
Basic medical kit
Visas, tickets, passports, money

For any more detailed information, please contact us.

Important Info

Time: +2hrs GMT
Language:  There are 11 official languages, but English will get you in and out of trouble in most cases
Currency: South African Rand R1 = 100c
Foreign currency not readily acceptable to trade
Conversions: Metric system
1km = 0.6214 miles
10degC = 50F
20degC = 68F
30degC = 86F
Water: Water safe to drink in most centres but advisable to drink bottled water to prevent any nasties
Electricity:  220/230 Volts AC – 15amp round pin, three point plug.  Adaptors required – advisable to purchase in SA as our round three pin plug unique to SA. European 2 pin adaptor connection simplest to bring along – the rest can be purchased here
Health Requirements: If you are going to a Malaria area protection is essential
Sun Protection: Very strong sun – SPF of at least 15
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted in South Africa
ATM’s available.